Srilankan Tamil Crisis – Time is running out

Estimated Tamil people between 230,000 to 300,000 have been trapped in the Vanni conflict zone, denied food and basic living essentials and facing continuous shelling and aerial bombing. No one is there to help the innocent civilians. The cry of infants, children and elderly are not heard by anyone in the world.

Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that no one knows how severe the crisis is because the Sri Lankan government has barred local and foreign media from reporting on the subject and severely limited the presence of humanitarian organizations.
What is even more disconcerting is that the global mainstream media has largely ignored the Tamil civilian causalities, and has actually praised the Sri Lankan government for "running an effective military campaign."
Acts of terrorism from any one are deplorable and cannot be tolerated by any human person; the killing of innocent civilians, under the guise of fighting terror is absolutely indefensible.

Will World respond to the cry of these innocent people?

Will this silence be broken only after the total annihilation of the Tamils in Vanni?" asks Jaffna Diocese
"We are deeply grieved of the silence of the International Community and the world humanitarian agencies disregarding the great human tragedy that continues in Vanni in Sri Lanka. Will this silence be broken only after the total annihilation of the Tamils in Vanni?", said the memorandum sent by the Commission for Justice and Peace of the Catholic Diocese of Jaffna (CJPCD) at the end of the first day of the protest fast launched Wednesday morning in front of St. Mary's Church, Jaffna led by Rt. Rev. Thomas Saundaranayagam, Jaffna Bishop.

The following is the gist of the memorandum released:
'More than 400 innocent Tamils in Vanni have been killed and more than 1400 injured in the war against the Tamils in Vanni in the past 10 days.
The above figures are the available registered details but the real figures are feared to be more.

There is an acute shortage of medicine in Vanni for the injured while it is impossible to transport or carry the injured to the makeshift medical clinics, due to the unrelenting artillery fire and aerial bombings.
Due to the attacks the dead are not given a decent burial nor is it possible to conduct the final rites to them.
The people in Vanni spend their lives in temporary bunkers in terror of the continuing attacks on them.
We, the participants of the protest fast, place the following urgent requests to your immediate consideration and action.
• Please exert pressure on the parties at war to stop the human tragedy unfolding in Vanni.
• We all are totally against this war.
• We appeal to all concerned parties to stop the war and engage in negotiations towards a justified political solution.'

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