Activating Joy

Joy is realized when the personality and soul are in harmony. Joy can also be defined as the feeling or energy of love. Unconditional love is our essence and Joy its expression. “There is no real and true Joy if that Joy is not imbued with Love. Love cannot exist without Joy.” Joy, as the energy of love, is one of the highest vibrations on this planet.

Here are some of the benefits of being joyful:

Physical Benefits
Joy has long been recognized as an important factor in the restoration of health. Proverbs 17:22 tells us: “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a downcast spirit dries up the bones.” Joy strengthens the immune system.

Emotional Benefits:
Joy burns away the impurities in our emotional system. It disperses worries, anxieties, grief, greed, irritation and other negative emotions.
Mental Benefits
Joy sharpens our intellect and strengthens our memory. It clears and balances our mind. We flow with the universe and see the joyfulness in all things.

Spiritual Benefits
Joy nourishes the soul. This energy of Joy expands our consciousness and understanding. It opens us to receive inspiration, intuitions, liberation and enlightenment.

Planetary Benefits
The law of Oneness states there is only One Mind, One Life. As a result, when we raise our vibration to higher levels, we positively affect all life on Earth.

Did you bring Joy?” and “Did you find Joy?”

Man loves because he is Love. He seeks Joy, for he is Joy. He thirsts for God for he is composed of God and he cannot exist without Him.” — Sathya Sai Baba

Every moment, we may choose to experience the Joy of our soul.

  • Remember … Joy is a choice. ” “Joy is an inside job,”. Each hour check in and see if you are CHOOSING Joy
  • Remember … Joy is causative — it brings good things into your life.
    Find Joy first, we’re told, and the rest will follow. Why? Because Joy is a high vibration and as we vibrate at a high level, we attract good things to us.
  • Remember … Behave differently, feel differently.
    “If you want more Joy in your life, do whatever you’re doing with more Joy… The Joy begins a cycle of Joy, which produces even more Joy.”

#1 of the ‘Sweet 16’ Joy Activators – Feeling Worthy and Deserving of Joy.
“The greatest evil that can befall man is that he should come to think ill of himself.
Do you feel worthy of having Joy?  Do you feel you deserve it?

The first step to Activating Our Inner Joy is to eliminate the blocks to it. We can start by truly forgiving ourselves and all others. It is easier to forgive ourselves and others when we really understand that each of us has always done the very best we knew to do at that time.
JOY IS ONE OF THE GREATEST GIFTS WE CAN GIVE TO PEOPLE around us. They need our Joy — not our sadness.
#2 of the ‘Sweet 16’ Joy Activators – Recognizing True Identity and Purpose.
” For many of us, our Joy is truly activated when we get a bigger picture of who we are and the many reasons we may have chosen to be on Earth at this time. Our natural state of BEING is Joy.   It is wonderful to know that as our JOY increase, our purpose in life will be clearer.

#3 of the ‘Sweet 16’ Joy Activators – Developing Gratitude and Appreciation.
THIS IS A FAST TRACK TO JOY. When all else fails, focus on sincere gratitude.
Eckhart, the Christian mystic, wrote: “If the only prayer you ever said in your entire life was ‘thank you,’ that would be enough.”   “A grateful heart is a Joyful heart.” — Mother Teresa
#4 of the ‘Sweet 16’ Joy Activators – Offering Selfless Service.
“I slept and dreamt that life was only joy; I woke and saw that life was only service; I served and realized that service is joy.” — Tagore
If gratitude is the ‘fast track’ to Joy, service is the ‘super expressway.’
TO THE DEGREE WE SERVE, THE GREATER OUR JOY. “Service is the best and most efficient course of spiritual development, even superior to meditation,” says Sathya Sai Baba.

#5 of the ‘Sweet 16’ Joy Activators — Living Universal Principles.
” Through universal laws we learn how humanity and the universe are interconnected.

-Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.
– What you focus on expands.
– What your attention is upon, that you become.
– Energy follows thought.
– What you resist persists.
– What gets your attention gets you.
– It happens unto you as you believe.

If we focus on what feels Joy full, we’ll have more Joy in our life. If you focus on T.V etc you feel that way”Your Joy depends upon what you choose to give your attention.”

#6 of the ‘Sweet 16’ Joy Activators – Letting Go Of Value Judgments.
When we judge ourselves and others, it is impossible to be in Joy. Remember Joy comes from love, which is the process of uniting. Judgment, on the other hand, creates separation. We can’t love and judge at the same time.   One reason is that we are unable to judge accurately because we don’t see the ‘Big Picture.’ Thrust your pencil through a sheet of paper, look through the hole at the room and recognize how little of the room you see. This limited view is why we can’t fairly judge anyone or anything. Judgment also blocks our Joy because it locks up our energy.

#7 of the ‘Sweet 16’ Joy Activators — Nurturing and Balancing Our Four Bodies.
We feel less than Joyful when we are not nurturing all four aspects of ourselves. These are often referred to as our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. When we get out of balance through neglecting one or more of them, our Joy can be blocked. It’s like the four wheels on a car the ride is better when they are all equally inflated and balanced.

Physical – Various forms of exercise, dancing, drinking more pure water, better diet, a detoxification bath, hugs, massage, etc.

Emotional – Honouring feelings by listening to them, truly feeling them and expressing or communicating them. We are learning to take responsibility for our feelings without making others wrong.

Mental – You may be chewing on new ideas daily, absorbing all kinds of   information and exercising your creative thinking facilities.

Spiritual – The spiritual body, as used here, is our Higher Self. This is our intuitive part that knows we are here in this body for a purpose. This body can be nurtured in many ways —   meditating, reading spiritual material, attending a spiritual discussion group, visiting sacred places, spending time in nature.
“Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.” — James Levin”

#9 of the ‘Sweet 16’ Joy Activators — Releasing Laughter and Playfulness.
“We don’t laugh because we’re happy, we’re happy because we laugh

Why Laugh?
The soul is nourished by laughter. Laughter triggers Joy.   Laughter is a genuine form of exercise (internal jogging) and a natural stress reliever. It stimulates the immune system and increases oxygen, stamina and our breathing capacity.  Dance and laugh.  “Time spent laughing is time spent with the God.

“Let your child within run free. A child kept from play is an abused child.”

#10 of the ‘Sweet 16’ Joy Activators — Choosing Silence, Listening Within.
when the mind is really stilled and really is itself — fully, without any holdback — it is identical with the deep Joy at the heart of the universe. Besides getting us in touch with the fruits of spirit, such as Joy, love and peace, our listening within offers the specific benefits of:
– Activated intuition
– Increased creative expression
– Improved psychological health
– Enhanced creative problem solving
– Increased ability to concentrate
– Greater relaxation
– Expanded sensitivity to all life

Activator 12 of the ‘Sweet 16’ Joy Activators is Using Uplifting Self-talk.
Negative self-talk can zap our energy and our Joy. By the Law of Attraction, we attract what we don’t want, what we worry about, to us.
Whenever we use ‘I Am’ in a negative way (as in ‘I am sick and tired,’ ‘I am broke,’ ‘I am angry, fed up’) we are creating powerfully against ourselves.

  1. “I Am” my Divine Plan unfolding quickly and perfectly.
  2. “I Am” what I want to be.
  3. “I Am” the perfect harmony of my thought, feeling and action.
  4. “I Am” the perfectly controlled breath of my body.
  5. “I Am” the perfect activity of every organ and cell of my body.

Louise Hay reminds us that “every thought you think is either enhancing or depressing your immune system.”
Here are some affirmations she uses every day:

1. I am perfectly happy to be me.
2. I am good enough just as I am.
3. I love and approve of myself.
4. I am grateful for every experience.
5. I am Joy, expressing and receiving all the good in life.

#13 of the ‘Sweet 16’ Joy Activators — Connecting with Nature.
Being with nature and discovering its natural order awakens us to the Joy that lies within us. Spending time, quietly, in the outdoors, listening and observing in nature is a wonderful way to directly experience the naturalness, the balance, the resourcefulness, and the serenity of the Universe. “Deviation from Nature is deviation from happiness.” Samuel  Johnson

Activator 14 of the ‘Sweet 16’ Joy Activators is Stopping and Simplifying
“Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us. We need hours of aimless wandering or spates of time sitting on park benches, observing the mysterious world of ants and the canopy of treetops.”

  1. Stop for the Joy of it.
  2. Own less, do less, say less, say NO to what doesn’t excite you.
  3. Toss, recycle, sell, give away what isn’t needed. Create more space in your life.
  4. Make a list of non-tangible things to eliminate: attachments,    attitudes, addictions, resistance, judgments, irritations, desires, toxic people, TV watching, and so forth. Be specific. Make a plan and carry it out.

#15 of the ‘Sweet 16’ Joy Activators — Embracing Change.
Change is the only constant. It happens in its own way, in its own time. Permanence is never found in the physical world of form. For some people, any change evokes fear. Others embrace change, even create it. The Law of Attraction decrees that what we resist persists, so our fear of change draws what we fear to us. On the other hand, Joy flows as fear is dissolved.          “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

‘Sweet 16’ Joy Activators — Creating Joy Rituals and Grab Bags.
Joy Rituals:

  1. Dancing is a favourite energy shifter for most people. Make a ritual of putting on some favourite dance music at certain times of the day
  2. Singing is a popular Joy ritual when doing dishes and, in the shower.
  3. Heart Songs are spontaneous singing from the heart, using nonsense syllables.
  4. Take a Blessing Walk where you bless or appreciate people, places and things. Include yourself.
  5. Call a friend or family member each day and laugh together for 5 minutes.
    “The heavens respect us when we work but love us when we  dance.”


You can CHOOSE to be joyful! As the flower follows the sun even on cloudy days, we need to focus on Joy even in our darkest hours.


“Joy is the most infallible sign of the Presence of God.”      — Teilhard De Chardin
“Joy is not the absence of suffering. It is the presence of God.” — Robert Schuller
“Joy is a state of beingness in which your consciousness is not conditioned by the environment or by the thoughts, emotions and activities going on in your environment. The roar of life is heard, but it does not affect your consciousness. You have joy, not because things and conditions are right or wrong, but because joy flows down from your core into your activities.” — Torkom Saraydarian
“Spirit is pure JOY and you are spiritual in nature.”      — Jack Boland
“The only obstacle to releasing joy is the unwillingness to express love for someone or   something.”
“Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.”      — Mother Teresa
“A joyful heart is the inevitable result of a heart burning with love.” – Mother  Teresa
“Real joy is like the sun which is there all the time and is immensely powerful. Clouds, which appear to obscure the sun, are the feelings which come and go — e.g. sorrow, lethargy, pain, ordinary happiness. Although clouds can hide the sun, they are hardly equal to it. They are fleeting mists.”
“From joy springs the universe; in joy it has its being, and  unto joy it returns.”
“Joy and peace are not idle desires. They are your right, because of what you are.”
“Joy is our function here. If you’re sad, your part is unfulfilled and all the world is thus deprived of joy, along with you.”

Joy is high energy. Joy, as an expression of God, is the source of all energy.  Joy springs forth from within.  No one makes your joyous; you choose  joyousness. Choose it now.

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