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Everybody knows that the most important asset for any internet marketer is their list. No matter what auto responder you use, if you don’t have a list of qualified buyers, you’re never going to make the big money.

But what if you woke up one morning and your auto responder service got wiped out by some freak of nature?

Here’s another scenario: what if your pay-per-click campaign got shut down? Or new spam laws prevented your emails from getting delivered?

If you aren’t keeping up with the changes in technology (or your auto responder goes up in smoke) you’re outta luck.

Russell Brunson realized this a long time ago and decided to do something about it. He implemented offline marketing into his marketing mix and has tripled his business every year since!

He created a controversial report called the “IM-Myth” where he explains how he did it.

You can read about it here

One of Russell’s techniques brought in massive profits that wouldn’t have been possible online. It’s extremely easy to do, yet hardly anyone’s doing it.

(And you don’t have to worry about watching your profits circle down the drain when your autoresponder fries up)
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…and be prepared for a huge “A-HA” moment.

You see online marketing is preached as the “holy grail” of marketing.

But ask the big information marketing powerhouses like Agora, Boardroom, and Weiss
where the REAL money is made. They absolutely clean house offline…humiliating any online
marketer who comes in their path.

Here’s the deal: Millionaire internet marketer Russell Brunson has just released a special
offline report: “The IM Myth” where he shatters the myth that internet marketing is the “be
all-end all” of marketing.

You can check it out here:

Believe me, this stuff is the real deal. The marketers who absolutely annihilate their
competition are the ones that incorporate offline marketing into the mix.

So check out Russell’s report today before you’re competition discovers it.

One of Russell’s tips he reveals is how he moved his offline list online. This absolutely
blew me away, and is something I’m going to implement in my own business immediately.
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The Two Chasms of Building a Real Business

In the world of launching and establishing a business, there are two chasms that must be crossed: The $40,000 chasm and the $4 million chasm.The $4 million chasm is the one that separates the one-man operation from the systematic company. When you’re right at that point, you’ve got enough things going on that you desperately need systems in place to keep it going, but you don’t have quite enough resources to put those systems in place. So it’s a major plate-spinning challenge.

That chasm is a management issue. “E-Myth book” kind of stuff.

But the $40,000 chasm is a marketing challenge. Let me explain.

The $40,000 chasm is the distinction between a part-time, “micro-niche” business that sort of grows up between the cracks in the sidewalk of the world, and a larger operation that can support the attention and care that it needs to truly take root and dominate.

I’ve always said, because I know it to be true, that it’s easier to get from $100K per year to $1M than to get from $10K to $100K. That $40K hump can be real tricky. It’s the place that separates the men from the boys.

What gets people over the $40K hump? I’ll rattle off a list of things:

-Going from getting little bits of traffic here and there, to being able to reliably step up and buy it – and buy it effectively
-Sales copy on the site that signals to the visitor that this offering is a cut above the competition. A lot of people go cheap on this, or resist the knowledge of learning how
-Having an ascension process for taking a customer from introductory purchases to greater and greater involvement. Significant upsells, perhaps, or memberships, or in-person or on-phone follow up
-True blue testing and tracking and split testing of web pages for continuous improvement of results (It’s amazing how few people actually do this, even seasoned marketing veterans! But the power of this cannot be overstated. You NEED to be doing this.)

This article was copied from Perry Marshall’s email newsletter.